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The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department has been approved for a $200,000.00 grant for a new pumper tender. In order for the fire department to take advantage of this grant money we have to match $25,000.00.

Donations can be made on Go Fund Me or in person at City Hall, 1524 Main St., Petersburg, Tx 79250, or by mail to City Hall, P.O. Box 326, Petersburg, TX 79250. Please specify your donation is for the new pumper tender if mailed in.

The new pumper tender is outfitted to operate as a tanker/brush truck for grass fires and as an engine for structure fires within the city limits. This truck will allow the fire department to have faster response times and has higher pumping capabilities. This truck is also able to be operated by one person rather than two or three. This will free up men to run other trucks when we are short staffed.

Our newest fire engine, a 1980 model, currently has several mechanical issues. We have had problems with the time it takes to get the truck to initially start up and mechanical issues with the pump PTO. This new truck would dramatically increase response times because we would not have to face the current mechanical issues.

Our current engine pumps an average of 150 gallons per minute. Our current brush truck pumps 300 gallons per minute. The new pumper tender is able to pump 600 – 1,000 gallons per minute. This will allow the fire department to apply a higher volume of water onto fires and minimize property damage.

The pumper tender has high tech, electronic nozzles around the truck that can be remotely operated from the inside of the cab. When we have a small amount of volunteer responders available this truck can fight grass fires with one person. None of the vehicles in our current fleet can be operated by a single person.

We are asking that you make a donation to assist us in raising the $25,000.00 so that we can take advantage of these grant funds and better protect our community.


Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department

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